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  Feng Shui  

There are times when we walk into a house and instantly feel welcome. These homes seem naturally warm and inviting. This may be the result of good Feng Shui of the house.

Feng Shui (pronounced ‘fung sway? is the latest buzzword of the world of decor. By following the ancient principles you can not just create beautiful homes, but also transform your life. The growing popularity of Feng Shui is a result of its extraordinary effect on people, including increased wealth, improved health and rewarding relationships.

Feng Shui is a 4000-year-old Chinese philosophy that tries to create a place to live and work harmoniously. Chi is the vital earth energy that keeps all things healthy, alive and vibrant. In the olden China, a land was said to have chi, if it was near pure water and had an abundance of trees. The ideal location of a home included the following elements.
A hill behind a house for stability.
Trees for protection from harsh winds and rains.
A lake or a pond in the front of the home for the water to sustain life.

Crops grew abundantly in these types of settings. Homes built in these locations were considered lucky and well placed. Today, the purpose of Feng Shui is to find the best environment to live and work. Urban development and population growth makes it increasingly difficult to rely on landscape alone. Most of us live in apartments or societies, with minimum natural landscapes. It is not always possible to bring these elements in the home in their native form. Their symbols can be substituted in their place. You can bring home indoor plants, bonsai, fountains, landscape paintings, metal artifacts, wrought iron furniture, fabric and clay pottery.

Feng Shui for Bathrooms
Aesthetically, the bathroom is one of the most neglected areas of a house. Bathrooms are considered to be one of the weakest areas. It is a place where you drop your energy. Always keep the bathroom doors closed at all times when not in use. This prevents your subconscious from being influenced by the bad energy of the wastes. Balance the low energy of the bathroom with plants and pottery. Make it a happy place with colour and art.

Feng Shui for Bedrooms
One third of human life is spent in sleep. So, isn’t it fair that you do justice to the bedroom? The bed is where your body revitalizes and heals itself after a hard day’s work. It is also where you share your most intimate moments. The first thing to use a good quality bed. It should be large enough for the couple yet keeping them close. A small bed can create tension in the relationship. The bedroom is a sanctuary for rest. Keep it as simple as possible. There are three primary bed position rules.
The entrance to the room should be visible from the bed. This denotes security and allows you to relax immediately.
There should be a solid wall behind the head of the bed. This denotes support and foundation for the people sleeping on the bed.
The bed should not be in the entry path to the bedroom. This denotes obstruction to people walking into the bedroom and, symbolically, sleeping in the path of chi.

Feng Shui in Art
Art is very subjective and close to one’s heart. One must enjoy what one sees. Your sub-conscious is affected, either positively or negatively, by what you see every day. Do not collect something just for its value or trendiness. Buy art that appeals to you. It should be pleasing to the eye and fill you with positive feelings.

Feng Shui for Doors
In Feng Shui, doors are considered very important since chi enters and leaves through them. All the energy that nourishes your home enters through your doors. The front door should work without squeaking. It must be without peeling paint or loose doorknobs. Avoid too many plants at the entrance.

Feng Shui for Garages
The garage is also a very neglected area. Many times, it is filled with clutter and there are noxious fumes from the vehicle. The clutter and stored items can even block and slow the parking process. Everyday, the first impression after coming home and the last impression before leaving home is of disorder and junk. Over a period of time this can have an undesirable effect on the occupants. Keep the garages clean and orderly. Add green plants to diffuse smoke and store items in cupboards.


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