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  Colour Wheel  

You coordinate colours everyday when you decide what to wear. So when it comes to choosing colours for your home why leave it to someone else ? After all you can best decide what suits you. Trust yourself and remember our basics when you plan. You can use the Colour Wheel (which has been used by artists and experts for years) to help you fix on your colour scheme.

The colour wheel shows how each colour of the spectrum relates to every other; starting from dark (at the centre) and spreading out to light (at the perimeter). You can choose from four basic types of colour schemes.

Monochromatic :
Where one colour is dominant, and tints and shades of this colour are used to create combinations

Analogous :
Where colours that are contiguous or at least close to one and other on the Colour Wheel are used to create combinations.

Triadic :
Where a set of three colours more or less equidistant on the wheel are used in combinations.

Complementary :
Where colours that are diametrically opposite on the wheel are used in combinations.


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